About Us

About Us

Natural Harmony Oils is a small family owned business. We have all heard of many successful small family business, born from enthusiastic use, of very effective product(s). Natural Harmony Oils is just that kind of business.

After many years of using and benefiting from Essential Oils and living a healthy lifestyle we wanted to share with you, through this business we have created.

Natural and easy to use - Essential Oils can greatly improve your ability to find your true balance between body, mind and spirit. We offer the best high quality products we can find to help you have quick access to what you need. How can a small business like us provide such high quality products?...

To insure the highest quality organic Essential Oils, we use an exclusive supplier. Below is their mission statement for quality...

”Oils are imported direct from Certified Organic Distillers Worldwide. Our high grade oils are excellent for use in everyday living applications, aromatherapy, handcrafting of health & beauty products, scenting soap, lotion and much more.

Our Oils are always fresh and true to nature’s scent. With extensive research, we have personally and carefully chosen our sources to ensure consistent high grade quality and full strength oils every time you purchase from us.  We've done this to ensure that  you, our valued customer, receives the maximum benefits of nature’s pure oils.”

Natural living has fast become a way of life for many families.  We are aware of the importance of knowing that the products you receive are consistently the same high grade.  That is why we use a single supplier who have thoroughly researched their procedures and products.  We've gone the extra mile so that you will have confidence in ordering from us time and time again. This includes a wide variety of exclusive essential oil blends to improve your everyday living.

Natural Harmony Oils - A natural approach to a healthier and happier lifestyle. We are proud to have you as a customer. Enjoy exploring our web site.

NOTE: We Sell and Encourage the use of Our Products - For External Use Only 

We are not recommending the use of our products internally with out professional medical advise that we are not qualified to provide.