Collection: Lavender Free Products

Lavender Free Products for those that may be Lavender Sensitive. This Special Line of Our Products has Appeal to All.

To Insure the Highest Quality Organic Essential Oils, we use an Exclusive Supplier. Below is their Mission Statement for Quality...

”Oils are imported direct from Certified Organic Distillers Worldwide. Our High Grade Oils are excellent for use in everyday living applications, handcrafting of health & beauty products, scenting soap, lotion and much more.

Our Oils are always fresh and true to nature’s scent. With extensive research, we have personally and carefully chosen our sources to ensure consistent high grade quality and full strength oils every time you purchase from us. We've done this to ensure that  you, our valued customer, receives the maximum benefits of nature’s pure oils.”

Essential Oil Blends are Ready to Use in Spray or Roll On Bottles, Diluted to Exact Standard to Apply to Skin, Surfaces and Air for Effective Aromatherapy.


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